Just another Friday night

Just another Friday night
This Gacha Set is so much fun… These little watercars are crazy to drive or it would be the tears you have from laughing. Despite Andre’s comments about
women and cars, we all scrambled into our vehicles to battle it out.
The race started out like any race should. Red Light…. Yellow light…. Green… Go!! It was neck in neck for most of the way a few cars lost their way
and I still can’t find them. All we had to do was drive up the ramp jump through a ring of fire and race to the finish line.
Well, my little pink car got me to the ramp first (of course) … Dama was beside me in her neon green car… Hah, Andre… what about women drivers??
Then out of nowhere the guys showed up… Andre soared over my car, keeping me from getting the lift I needed.
Out of nowhere this great white shark breeched the water and sunk his monster teeth into my tire into my tire, pulling my car into the depths
of the sea. Seb, ran Dama off the road and onto a mine. We’ll miss you Dama.
Andre and Seb crossed the finish line at the same time. They’re still fighting over the trophy. Dama managed to get out of the car in the nick of time,
the mine blew up and knocked the shark unconscience, allowing me to escape.
Standing, soaking wet and cold behind the arguing men, Dama and I glance at each other, “we have a score to settle.”
✩MadPea Shark Bay Raceway✩ Gacha NEW @ The Epiphany **July 15 ~ Aug 12
Picture taken on Elysion (Group only access)
Thank you Seb, for always being there for me and these silly sets. Dama and Andre for taking the time to help fill seats. I appreciate you all. ♥

Sometimes that mountain you’re climbing, is just a grain of sand

Sometimes that mountain you're climbing, is just a grain of sand


Just BECAUSE Natalie Dress ~ ✩ NEW @ UBER **July 25 – Aug 22

Just BECAUSE Mainstore

TRIGGERED – Mew-Mew Glasses #RARE NEW @ The Epiphany **July 15 ~ Aug 12

NO_HUGS Hairstyle from No Match ~ NO_MATCH

Tentacio Vanesa sandals & flowers NEW @ N21 **July 21 ~ Aug 12

Mesh Head ~ Nova by Lelutka

BOM Skin ~ Jayla by Amara Beauty

Body ~ Lara V5.3 by Maitreya

✩Godwit Birds✩ NEW @ TLC

Picture taken on NorderNey

Leo July 23 ~ August 22

Leo  July 23 - August 22

I am a few days late, but Happy Birthday to all you wonderful Leo’s!! I want to share the astrological tattoo from Corazon!!

Thanks Hades, for letting me blog these for you. 🙂


✩Tattoo ~ .:CORAZON GACHA :.Leo:.✩ from Corazon Mainstore

✩Bikini ~ Set No.2✩ NEW @ eXxEsS Hair & Clothing

breyonna – light reds from Analog Dog

Demi – Faux Fur Stole from Blueberry

15. Delicate Glamor Hand Mirror (Gacha) Nutmeg

Body ~ Lara V5.3 from Maitreya

Lara Add-on “Petite” V1.1 by Maitreya

Nova 2.0 Mesh Head from Lelutka

Apex Eyes in Leonine from IKON

Jayla BOM Applier by Amara Beauty

on the wings of love

on the wings of love


Luane has created these beautiful poses with butterflies included on single poses. The Fatpack will also give you these amazing wings. I totally suggest the fatpack!!


✩:LW: Bento Poses – Fairy 1✩ NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative **July 18 ~ Aug 10

Luane’s World Mainstore

Hair ~ 160 from KMH

BlossomTime/ Sakura Wreath Moon Amore

Evo X Avalon Mesh Head by Lelutka

BlossomTime/ Secret Garden Lingerie – RARE from Moon Amore

Body ~ Lara v5.3 by Maitreya

Picture taken on Frogmore

Forever and for always

Forever and for always



✩[CAROL G] Brisa LEL Evo x Exclusive TaTToo✩ NEW @ UBER **July 25 – Aug 22

Taxi to [CAROL G] Mainstore

[Yomi] Sabi Hair NEW @ The Warehouse Sale **July 23 ~ Aug 17

Morgan Cigarette from The Forge & EZ Weaponry

Becky Bodice, Black from The Forge & EZ Weaponry

Mesh Head ~ Avalon Evo X 3.0 by Lelutka

Daisy face [LeLutka Evo X] from Lara Hurley Mainstore

Lara Body 5.3 by Maitreya

Pose ~ Bianca 6 from Stun Poses

Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl

♫♥♫♥♪ Listen ♫♥♫♥♪


✩DEAD DOLL ~ Catena Dress✩ NEW @ UBER **July 25 – Aug 22

Dead Doll Mainstore

Laurene Hairstyle NEW @ Doux

Demi – Faux Fur Stole from Blueberry

Body ~ Lara V5.3 by Maitreya

Lara Add-on “Petite” V1.1 by Maitreya

Mesh Head ~ Nova by Lelutka

BOM Skin ~ Jayla by Amara Beauty

Backdrop ~ Un Hotel from Seul ~ This store is undergoing renovation and not open at this point.

Decor:Lagom – The mannequin collection [ Patricia ] RARE

Lagom – The mannequin collection [ Libby ]

TLG Spring Log Planter

Hey Kae, do you hear something?

Hey Kae, do you hear something?


Adi (left) & Kae (right) are wearing:

✩amias ~ LISS Shorts and Tank✩ NEW @ Summer Camp Event **July 17 ~ Aug 7

Amias Mainstore

Adi Hair ~ Gwin from Monso

Kae Hair ~ Calamity from Truth

Adi’s boots are no longer available

Kae’s Wildflower sneakers are from Dust Bunny

Adi’s HIMALAYA BACKPACK W TOOLS BLACK from Marketplace Link Here

Kae’s Husky Companion from [Rezz Room]

Picture taken on La Vallee Landscapes Showcase

If you want to know what Seb is wearing … lol .. you’ll have to ask him :p