Playing tennis, sorta

Playing tennis, sorta

Pengu: “Hey! I thought we came to play tennis, ADI!” Me: “Don’t get your panties in a twist, I need to show Andie my cute new outfit before I kick your butt!!” Andie: “Are you sure you want to play with that goof?”

❤ Thanks so much to my bro and SIL, Pengu & Andie for helping to make this picture. Love you both ~ To the moon and back!! ❤


✩FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Private Court✩ NEW @ UBER **Jan 25 – Feb 22

FOXCITY. Warm Up Bento Pose Set NEW @ UBER **Jan 25 – Feb 22
**Poses come with Tennis Racket and Ball.

Foxcity Mainstore

I’m wearing the JuJu Sweater and Pleated Skirt from Blueberry

Unknown High sneakers from NATIVE URBAN

ETOILE – Sabrina hairstyle NEW @ The Warehouse Sale **Jan 23 ~ Feb 17

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