{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Hutch Set

{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Hutch Set

✩Sponsor ~ Old Barn Door✩

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Jude Farmhouse Hutch Set on {MARKETPLACE}

This beautifully rustic, farmhouse themed hutch comes with so many extras, including a navy & antique white version for you to choose from!

Whether is be your prize possessions, vintage dishes, baked goods, pictures or just about anything you would like to showcase..this farmhouse cabinet is perfect for your needs!

This set includes all of the goodies in and on the hutch. They are not linked so you may place them wherever you like in you home. The glass dome with candle has a diffusible flame! Just click flame to blow out and click again to ignite!

There is a bundle of items on top of the hutch as well, which again are not linked, so you may leave them there are use them to decorate elsewhere.

➤{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Hutch comes with the following items:

☑{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Hutch – Navy – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Hutch – White – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Farmhouse Frame – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Basket Plant – 3LI
☑{OBD} Jude Windmill Decor – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Candle Dome – 3LI
☑{OBD} Jude Basket – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Storage Bottles – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Plant – 1LI
☑{OBD} Jude Creamer – 1LI
☑{OBD} Jude Measuring Cups – 1LI
☑{OBD} Jude Storage Canisters – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Storage Jars – 2LI
☑{OBD} Jude Plates – 4LI
☑{OBD} Jude Cellars – 9LI

★All items are Copy – Mod!!★

All of the items shown here in the hutch display are also available in the mainstore for individual purchase as well! =D

Come see it for yourself in our main world store!!

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