“Shambles Teaser”

Shambles Teaser

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll see when Shambles makes a return. No date is set at the moment. Stay tuned!

✩Sponsors ~ Bloom Event Creators ~ YD ~ Floorplan. & broncante ~ Serenity Style & ✩

**The following items are available at The Bloom Event **March 18 ~ April 2

floorplan. & brocante. ~ Blooming Art Pictures (Showing 3 of 5)

Serenity Style ~ A Touch of Bloom (Table/Shelf/stool with items included)

Gravity Poses & Simple Things ~ The Gurls potted flowers (2 of 3 shown)

Spruce ~ Trois Lamp (15 to choose from)

Your Dreams ~ Hannah Living Room (Chairs/stool with tulips) Welcome Spring picture not shown

Other Credits:

Bricolage – Golden Highboy

Nutmeg. – Gentle Melody Record Player

Petite Mort – Summer Gazebo Rug 2

Pitaya – Terrarium Coffee Table – Golden edges & /Tie up shade curtains

..::THOR::.. – Serving Table & Potted Candle

HISA – La Petite Ferme LOD4 Building

♥ Thanks to my friend Tolla for the help with this post. The use of her land and her building. Watching her creative process is simply amazing.

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